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The Midland Area Chamber of Commerce is your source to connect with a wider business network. Our members are a vibrant, active group that keeps the Midland business climate successful. Please click through the links below to see our members and their businesses in action.

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Affordable Care Act Seminar - Is Your Business Compliant?

 Is the healthcare plan for your business compliant with the new, and ever-changing, federal regulations? Has your decision to either offer or not offer a plan to your employees the right one? Do you understand all of the nuances of the law? Join us to hear from a panel of experts that will help "un-mystify" the Affordable Care Act and help you determine what you need to know to be - and stay - compliant with the law.

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Keeping our business community strong is what makes Midland a great place!

"Caregiving Network, Inc. (a local, non-profit assistance agency providing resources to people in Midland County who live in poverty) is pleased to be a member of MACC and to support the concept of WEconomicPower. "Buy Local or Buy Michigan" is already a dimension of who we are as a local "business." We use the internet to research products/services we need and then find a community company which offers the same and then make our purchases locally. We support MACC's WEconomicPower promotion!"