• 10 Reasons to Belong

  • An investment in the Midland Area Chamber is an efficient, cost effective way for every business to increase their local visibility, enhance marketing dynamics and develop business relationships that result in new opportunities and sales.

  • 10. Business Presence.

    Out of sight, out of mind! You want to remain in the public’s eye, especially when times are good. Smart businesses leverage their resources through the Chamber, giving them cutting-edge visibility by standing out from the competition.

    “Our Midland Area Chamber membership is a bargain for our marketing dollar. With a wide variety of programs, information, and resources, we have endless opportunities to connect with the business community and potential clients. When we are growing, expanding, or simply doing something new, the Chamber team always seems to be a part of it.  Even when times were tough a few years ago, we never considered dropping our membership – that’s when we needed it the most! The more involved we are, the more opportunities we find in our Chamber membership.”  

    - Wendy Kanar, Poznak Dyer Kanar Garchow Schefsky PLC (989) 832-1770

    9. Networking & Sharing.

    There are endless opportunities to meet new contacts, receive qualified referrals and form partnerships that will help you grow your business. The Midland Area Chamber provides niche programming for your business to make these connections.

    8. Access.

    When you join the Chamber and get actively involved, you’ll discover that meeting prospects and building relationships is a huge benefit of membership. You’ll find yourself in situations where you can identify and meet decision-makers face-to-face.

    “Chamber events are one of the primary ways that we generate new business opportunities and communicate news about Loons baseball to the business community.  It is the only way we can reach so many business leaders in a short amount of time.”

    - Paul Barbeau, President & General Manager, Great Lakes Loons (989) 837-6121

    7. Sponsorships & Promotion Opportunities.

    The Midland Area Chamber offers a wide variety of affordable promotion options and sponsorship packages that fit every businesses budget.

    “We use the Midland Area Chamber for marketing because we know that we are getting the best bang for our buck that we possibly can. The Chamber reaches out to many businesses that our other advertisers do not reach. We have worked with many customers that say they heard about us through the Midland Area Chamber.”

    - Jerry Whittington, Valley Electrical Contractors 989-835-2154

    6. Save Money.

    There are several cost savings programs and member benefits of which your business can benefit from.

    “Thank you for organizing the Ask the Experts Small Business breakfast. It was very helpful to me, as I talked to almost all of the experts. I spoke with a tax advisor at this session about a state tax form that I suspected was incorrect. She confirmed that the form had a printing error, and I corrected the calculation, saving almost $3,000. Thank you again for all you do for the small businesses!”

    - Carol Arnosky, Retired Business Owner, (989) 835-5577

    5. Training & Personal Development.

    The Midland Area Chamber provides timely programs at affordable prices by spreading the costs among fellow member. Members stay updated, informed and educated at prices drastically lower then they could obtain through other means.

    “I enjoy being part of the Chamber as I meet a lot of wonderful people from our community that I may not have met otherwise. The Midland Area Chamber really supports local businesses. I attend many seminars and programs to learn about new business opportunities and laws that may affect my clients which helps me to better serve them.”

    - Melissa Grzegorczyk, Ieuter Insurance Group, 989.835.6701

    4. Advocacy.

    Your business is impacted by decisions made outside the community.  To represent the business community’s views and to keep the membership informed on local, state and national issues and legislation, the Chamber conducts quarterly meetings that feature thought-provoking speakers providing in-depth information on a variety of legislative issues that affect the business community.

    “The Midland Chamber of Commerce has enabled me to stay on top of legislative issues and has provided many opportunities to network/share thoughts and ideas. Their varied programs and resources are second to none. The Midland Chamber staff is ready, willing, and able to help at a moment’s notice. My involvement in the Midland Chamber has proven to be invaluable.”

    - Steve LaLonde, LaLonde Foods (989) 636-7794

    3. Sense of Community.

    Stay connected and be a part of developing our local economy and future by participating in a variety of Chamber community programs like Partnerships for Education, Midland Blooms and our leadership curriculum.  A strong business community means a strong overall community.

    “Eastman Party Store has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce for over 30 years now. The previous owner, and myself, believe a strong Chamber provides for a better business community. Through the programs and services provided by the Chamber, businesses will be more informed and competitive.”

    - Gar Winslow, Eastman Party Store (989) 835-7991

    2.  Relationships.

    People do not do business with a sign on the outside of a building; they do business with real people. When they need something for business or personal use, they turn to the people they developed a personal relationship with.

    “People do business with those they know, like and trust! This is why Domino’s Pizza attends and sponsors WakeUp! Midland. It allows us to be visible in the business community, build relationships and catch up with our friends. When someone thinks of Domino’s, they think of Chris and Elaine. We are not just franchise owners, we are local people with families and we are a part of this awesome community and want to help it grow. We appreciate the support we receive from the Chamber and the opportunities offered to small business owners.”

    - Elaine Schloemann, Vice President of Marketing, Domino's Pizza, (989) 859-1783

    1. Get Noticed!

    Let people know you’re in business even if you don’t have time to attend events. Your Chamber membership is working for you 24/7 in our powerful online directory. Members enjoy the benefits of getting found 24/7, increase SEO, connected to social media sites. Over 20,000 people visit www.macc.org looking for information. Our policy is to refer members only.

    “Our company joined the Chamber to obtain further exposure to local businesses. Upon joining we noticed an immediate increase in website traffic. Skeptical at first, we dug in further and found that the traffic was directly related to the Chamber listing. Needless to say, we are very happy with our decision to join the Chamber and look forward to many more years of membership.”

    - Hal Grunwell, Quick Reliable Printing (989) 496-2955