• What does the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce do?
    The Midland Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) is a business membership organization. Businesses join the Chamber to receive benefits and discounts that are not available to the general business population. MACC members are included on all referral lists, can attend member only events and take part in group discount programs. While our programming is geared toward creating a strong business climate, many of our activities benefit the community in general.

    Is the Midland Area Chamber a government entity?
    No. The Chamber is not a government agency. It is a nonprofit member organization.

    Where is the Midland Area Chamber located?
    Carl A. Gerstacker Building
    300 Rodd St., Ste. 101
    Midland, MI 48640
    (989) 839-9901

    How many businesses are members of the Midland Area Chamber?
    There are approximately 1,000 businesses/organizations that are members of MACC.
    80% are small business with 25 or less full time employees.
    10% of our members are non-profits organizations.

    How much does it cost to join the Midland Area Chamber?
    Membership investment is calculated based on employee count. For more information, contact the Chamber at (989) 839-9901, or email chamber@macc.org. You can also join the Chamber by completing an online application. Click here to learn how your business can qualify for a 25 percent discount by also being a member of the Bay Area Chamber or the Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce.

    Does a business have to be located in Midland to join the Midland Area Chamber?
    No. It doesn't matter where the business is located. If you want to market your business services in the Midland area, you should consider joining the Chamber.

    I don't have time to become heavily involved in Midland Chamber events. Does that decrease the value of my membership?
    No! We do more than simply host business events. In fact, because our membership is so diverse, we offer a wide range of programs and services that meet the unique needs of our members.
    Some members prefer the networking aspect of Chamber membership, while others like our efforts in government affairs, advocacy and education. The Midland Area Chamber is always working on behalf of the business community. Click here to learn more about becoming a member.

    How do I find out if a business is a Chamber member?
    Please search our online business directory. You may search by business category, keyword or company name. You may also call the Chamber at (989) 839-9901.

    Can employees of member businesses attend events?
    Yes. Anytime your company/organization is a member of the Midland Area Chamber, you, as an employee of that member business, can attend any of the Chamber events at the member rate. Future members can attend one event at the future member price to see if it will be a good fit for their business before having to join to receive the benefits of membership.

    If I register for a fee-based event and don't show up, will I still be charged the registration fee?
    Yes. Unless otherwise stated, most events carry a 48-hour cancellation notice to receive a refund. You will receive a confirmation message when signing up for fee-based events which lists the cancellation policy for the event.

    As a Midland Chamber member, can I attend Bay Area or Saginaw County Chamber events?
    Your business representatives may attend the Bay Area and Saginaw County Chamber’s events if you are also a member of their Chamber. There are regional events that Bay Area, Midland Area, Mt. Pleasant, and the Saginaw County Chambers collaborate on and all four Chamber’s members are welcome to attend. 

    When was the Midland Area of Chamber of Commerce Founded?
    While a business organization was founded in 1929, the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce was formally incorporated in 1938.

    How is the Midland Area Chamber different from the US Chamber?
    The Midland Area Chamber of Commerce is focused on improving the business climate in our own community and region. That includes developing an annual Legislative Positions Paper that outlines the issues that impact the business community on a local level. Those positions apply to local, regional, state and national issues that may arise throughout the year. The US Chamber focuses on national issues on the federal government level.

    Does the Midland Area Chamber endorse candidates or have a PAC?
    No. The Midland Area Chamber of Commerce is a nonpartisan organization and does not endorse political candidates, maintain a PAC or participate in campaign activities. The Midland Area Chamber is committed to educating our members on issues that impact the competitiveness of our region and the ability of local companies to hire, grow and prosper. Through advocacy efforts, we provide resources to help members make informed voting decisions and get engaged on pressing business community issues.

    Who is Chair of the Board at MACC?
    Click the link to see the Midland Area Chamber’s Board of Directors.

    How many staff are employed at the Midland Area Chamber?
    Eight full-time professional staff run our events, programming and member benefits. Over 20 Ambassadors also volunteer their time to help staff events, mentor new members and act as an additional resource for members to call upon.

    What is an Ambassador and how can I become one?
    The Ambassador Committee is made up of dedicated business people that serve as volunteer liaisons to the Chamber membership. They are a key group of people that have grown their business and contact network through their involvement in the Chamber, and have committed to helping others do the same. The Ambassadors support membership services, volunteer at Chamber events and serve as mentors to new members. Contact Tina Lewis at tlewis@macc.org for the application.

    How do I register a complaint about a business?
    Contact the Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org or call: (248) 223-9400.

    How can I get a map of the Midland area or a MACC business directory?
    You can stop into the Chamber and pick one up from the lobby racks any time 8-5pm; Monday – Friday. The Chamber office is closed on major holidays. You can also call (989) 839-9901 to request a copy to be sent by mail

    I need a phonebook, does the Chamber stock them?
    We do receive a small shipment to hand out to individuals that come to the Chamber and request one. We do not ship them in the mail.

    I would like to get involved in Chamber programming. What options are available?
    The Chamber is in need of dedicated business professionals who would like to help use their skills to advance membership programming by sitting on committees that generate ideas and launch initiatives. Committee members also help out at events. Contact the Chamber for additional information. Committee opportunities include:
    Small Business Committee
    MYPros  - Midland Young Professionals
    WakeUp! Midland Committee
    Government Issues Committee
    YEA! Young Entrepreneurs Academy
    Ambassadors Committee
    Partnerships for Education

    I’m looking for volunteer opportunities. What does MACC offer?
    Most of our volunteer opportunities are in conjunction with the Partnerships of Education programming. Contact Emily Lyons at elyons@macc.org to sign-up for one of these volunteer opportunities. 
    Reality Store (8th and 11th grade)
    Ready, Set, get HIRED! (High school mock interviews)
    Midland Blooms (Flowers on Eastman)

    Who pays for all the flowers that are planted for Midland Blooms?
    Midland Blooms is a community beatification project funded through the support of local foundations and donations from individuals and businesses and orchestrated by the Midland Area Chamber staff. Click here to learn more.

    How do I schedule a ribbon cutting ceremony?
    Ribbon cuttings are free for Chamber members in good standing and we host them for the following business events: new business (newly opened), large expansion or major remodel, moved to a new location, under new ownership and commemorative/milestone anniversaries (10, 25, 50 years). It is best to schedule a ceremony four – six weeks in advance of the date you would like to host the event. Ribbon cuttings are scheduled for 30 minutes and can have a start time of 8am – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Thursday; 8 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. on Friday. Ribbon cuttings dates are subject to Chamber approval after considering previously scheduled events. To schedule a ribbon cutting event, contact the Chamber at membership@macc.org.

    What is MYPros and how do I join?
    Midland’s Young Professionals (MYPros) was developed to attract and retain talented young professionals (20-40’s) by creating business opportunities, supporting community involvement and fostering an overall investment in the future of Midland. Any employee of a member business may attend the MYPros events and programming. There is not an additional fee to join the MYPros group. Click here to learn more.

    What is a Sales Lead Roundtable and how do I join?
    Participation with a Sales Lead Roundtable is a great way to network with a group of business people committed to helping you grow your business. The Chamber has two Sales Lead groups. Each group has one person per business category so there is no competition for leads within the group. Tuesday's group meets from 12:00-1:00 p.m. and Thursday morning's group meets at 7:15-8:30 a.m. at the Chamber office. The groups do meet off-site on occasion. You may come to two meetings before joining a group to see if it will be a good fit for your organization. The cost to join a sales lead group is $25 per year.

    Does the Midland Area Chamber run the Farmer’s Market by the Tridge?
    Yes, The Midland Area Farmers Market is located at the structure at the foot of Ashman Street near the Tridge. The Market operates on Wednesdays and Saturdays from early May through late October from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Click here to learn more.