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Save Big this May on Storage/Freezer Bags!
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Easily store your favorite foods with Get Reddi bags!
The bags are reclosable with a write-on block label. They’re also very comparable to national brands; but, a fraction of the price. Get Huge Cost Savings during our May 2019 Sale!

Get Reddi  – Freezer and Storage Bags

(Dual Zip Seal)
Sandwich Size, Storage, 1.2Mil (6.5"X5.93")          
500 Bags              $10.00
Quart Size, Storage, 1.75Mil (7"X8")                   

500 Bags             $17.00
Gallon Size, Storage, 1.75Mil (10.56"X11")             

        250 Bags                    $17.00 
Quart Size, Freezer, 2.7Mil (7"X8")                       

    500 Bags                    $26.00
Gallon Size, Freezer, 2.7Mil (10.56"X11")             

    250 Bags                    $26.00
 **We're open to the public!**
Call our office (989-496-3360) with any questions or to place an order! 
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phone: (989) 496-3360
Offer Valid: May 1, 2019May 31, 2019
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