Production Designer

Job Description
Production Designer
Position Purpose:  Sharing a passion for transforming client work environments by supporting the CX (Client Experience) Designer function.  Provides design services including measuring, inventory, completing installation drawings, meeting fast-paced deadlines, providing client interface on small projects, programming, space planning, typical development, 3D virtual experience, specifications and site-to-plan review.
  1. Create and deliver accurate drawings, renderings, and specifications within a specified timeline.
  2. Partner with CX Designer, as well as customers, to ensure accurate plans and specifications and conformance to clients’ requirements, exceeding their expectations.
  1. Spend 2 hours per quarter researching interior design & workplace trends/best practices resulting in at least 1 process improvement, rework reduction or improved client experience in the areas of creativity or sustainability. (1 improvement = 3; 2 improvements = 4; 3 improvements = 5)
  2. Utilizing Ceros Project Brief prepare submittals for 2 design projects per year to be published on social media and/or print outlet(s). (2=3, 3=4, 4=5)
  3. Utilizing Ceros Project Brief prepare submittal for 1 Anew design project per year to be published on social media and/or print outlet(s). (1=3, 2=4, 3=5)
  4. Client experience scores of 4.7 or higher.  (3=4.7; 4 =4.85; 5=5)
  5. Utilize innovative software(s) and tool(s) to produce photo-realistic 3D renderings & fly-throughs on all projects requested and approved by the CX Designer.
    1. 90% = 3
    2. 95% = 4
    3. 100%+ = 5
Essential Job Functions:The responsibilities listed are fundamental to the position and must be performed successfully to achieve the key performance objectives of the role.  Other responsibilities may be assigned. Accurate maintenance of design log and time tracking is required.
Client Interaction:
  1. Use knowledge of products and applications to help close deals with clients.
  2. Create a positive and memorable client experience.
  3. Create the right solution (creativity)
  4. Listen to the customer’s needs and create good client rapport (listening and connecting)
  5. Solve client problems.
  6. Continue throughout entire project cycle up to the hand-off of all client information, expectation, restrictions, limitations and contract documentation to the Craftsman.
  7. Provide renderings and drawings for presentations.
Design Process:
  1. Follow the design process – programming, schematic design, design development, specification and contract administration.
  2. Field measure.
  3. Prepare and plot Autocad drawings.
  4. Creates Canvas drawings as required.
  5. Prepares finish boards if required.
  6. Prepare and present presentations.
  7. Create Project Spec specifications.
  8. Meet design deliverables.
  9. Space Planning
  10. Spec Checks
  11. Install prints
  12. Create PDF Drawings
  13. Produce As-Built Drawings
  14. Design areas using the ORG home product.
  15. Verify and prepare order for ORG Home projects.
Project Coordination:
  1. Communicates and provides design information to the Project Manager and/or Craftsman as required. 
  2. Provide timely updates on project status to client and/or internal team.
  • CET training
  • CORE software
  • AutoCAD
  • Adobe
  • Product training from vendors including Haworth, National, AIS, etc.
  • ORG Home design and ordering software
  • Microsoft Programs including Excel and Outlook
If you are interested in applying for this position,
please e-mail your resume to Julie Hays.
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