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Assistant Director of Residence Life

Northwood University
Job Description
The Assistant Director of Residence Life (ADRL) is responsible to support a robust and safe campus and residential community.  This includes the implementation of programs and events that contribute to a meaningful campus experience. As a live-in residential position, the ADRL will be responsible for the well-being of on campus residents.   Various administrative duties will be required including on-duty and on-call responsibilities, student conduct duties, assisting with housing management, and conflict resolution of all on campus housing facilities.  The ADRL will work collaboratively with ADSL on student life and residence life efforts.

Key Responsibilities:

Residence Life:
  • Shared responsibility for all facets of residence halls/apartment complexes with total capacity of 890 students
  • Assist with the selection and training of Resident Advisor (RA) and Resident Complex Advisors (RCA) staff; mentor, supervise and evaluate assigned RA/RCAs and all RA/RCAs when appropriate
  • Be on call during weekdays and rotate with other staff on weekends
  • Coordinate, manage, and execute room sign up and consolidation
  • Oversee check in and check out process and direct RA staff appropriately
  • Work with Housing Manager to ensure safety, cleanliness, and proper maintenance of all housing facilities
  • Develop safety and health guidelines and program to ensure compliance
  • Develop and implement relevant and timely student and residential programming; assist Director of Student and Residence Life with execution of all programming and events as assigned
  • Serve as member of the Care Team
  • Work with the Assistant Director of Student Life to develop and implement relevant and timely student and residential programming
  • Assist Director of Student and Residence Life with execution of all programming and events as assigned
  • Develop volunteer opportunities; assist Service Coordinator with service projects
  • Create leadership opportunities outside the classroom
Student Conduct:
  • Co-Manage first level student conduct matters and others assigned by Director of Student and Residence Life and Dean of Student Affairs

  • Live on Campus
  • Have a full knowledge of Northwood University policies and regulations
  • Uphold and enforce all Northwood University policies and regulations
  • Be available for long periods of time, as necessary, including during extenuating circumstances where around the clock attention is necessary for multiple days in a row
  • Stay up to date on current trends in Student and Residence Life and regularly incorporate new ideas for programming
  • Work with various departments: Security, Athletics, and Academics etc. to ensure a safe and secure environment for all students
  • Minimum of  a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Minimum of at least one year experience in Residence Life
  • Maintain a flexible schedule; may require working beyond the traditional 40 hour work week
  • Maintain full time residence within on-campus apartment
  • Communicate effectively
Receives room and board; board provided when Dow Commons Dining Hall is open.  Competitive benefits package available including health, dental, life insurance, and retirement benefits; generous leave plan; flex benefit plan; and tuition benefits for employee and family.
Northwood Idea:
Northwood University has an institutional philosophy which emphasizes free enterprise in a context of limited government and individual responsibility. The ideal candidate will have a strong attraction to the mission and core values of Northwood University. Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the University’s outcomes at http://www.northwood.edu/about.
Please apply online at http://www.northwood.edu/human-resources.
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