• Leadership Midland

  • What is Leadership Midland?
    The future of any community is directly related to the talent, dedication and resourcefulness of the people in that community. Leadership Midland is a community leadership training program that provides exposure and insight to those who will occupy leadership positions within our community.

    What are the Opportunities?

    • Develop and enhance leadership skills
    • Inform leaders about the opportunities and challenges facing our community
    • Inspire leaders to encourage solutions and collaborations to make Midland County a better place to work and live; 
    • Provide a dynamic network of individuals to strengthen personal and organizational influence.

    What are the Benefits?

    • A better sense of personal leadership potential and enhanced leadership skills
    • Leaders with a broader understanding of community issues who are prepared to keep their organizations engaged
    • A diverse, growing network of alumni and resources

    Application Information:
    Application is open to residents of and those employed within Midland County. Leadership Midland seeks individuals who are in, or have the potential to advance to, leadership positions within their organization and community. Applicants must have an interest and commitment to serving the community in leadership roles.

    Click here to download the 2017 Leadership Midland Program Information

    Click here to download the 2017 Leadership Midland Application