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    Grand Slam Investigation, helps businesses be more productive, safer and make more money. We do this by making sure that they are hiring qualified and safe employees. A dishonest employee will cost an employer six times more than a shoplifter! The average drug abuser costs the employer $11,000 a year. A simple worker’s compensation claim can cost your business over $50,000. How do we help businesses accomplish this task? We offer businesses the best opportunity of making sure that their employees fit their environment.

    We run background checks for businesses and are partnered with Background Screeners of America. We offer over 20 different types of background checks and can literally search from the county level up to the international level. We can also help with employment verification, education verification, license verification, etc.

    Our drug testing is unique because we are partnered with the Drug Tests Consultants and can send you to one of our thousand collection sites, or come right to your site to do the collection. We offer several different types of tests, including hair, saliva, and urine. We do these types of tests for several different reasons: pre-employment, random testing, post-accident and suspicious activity. We offer this for DOT and NON-DOT employees.

    Our private investigation department can handle all of your investigative needs. We can do anything from worker’s compensation to civil/criminal legal matters.

    We want to be your one stop shop for handling these types of needs.

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    We are just a phone call away and ready to meet you wherever and whenever you need us.