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    Wise Woman Natural Health Center has a history firmly rooted in traditional philosophies and practices toward health. You will find an integrated approach connecting the lines between Botanical and Conventional Medicine while integrating in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Helen Kociba is a ANMCB Board Certified Naturopath who is a true bridge builder bringing Eastern and Western medicine together. She takes a non-invasive holistic approach, where discovering the root cause of a condition is the main goal. Using her education and experience in natural medicine she tailors a program for each client. The body desires to be in balance and when given the right environment it can restore and heal.
    The services offered at Wise Woman Natural Health Center begin with a Natural Health Assessment where a complete history is taken. If a person has completed a 23 and me or Ancestry DNA test, the raw data can be used to find the most specific health plan per their genetic information (this is not required but is an expansion to the Natural Health Assessment Visit). From there, using carefully selected lines of professional supplements, nutrition/lifestyle changes, and therapeutic bodywork (if needed), their path to wellness is on its way!