• Member Benefits

  • All of our member benefits and promotional opportunities are listed below. For more information about how Chamber membership benefits your business by reviewing the Schapiro Report.

    FREE Business Promotion

    The Chamber offers the ability for large companies to connect with other local businesses, especially small local businesses and non-profits. Any business can afford to market their business by taking advantage of the FREE opportunities available with their membership.

    • Ability to post coupons to offer discounts to members and the general public.
    • Post Community Events.
    • Market your event to our young professionals through the MYPros Marquee. To get your event included, please email a jpg or PDF file to mfarley@macc.org.
    • Receive two directory listings in both our online and print publications. You are listed where people are searching for goods and services.
    • Complete your online directory listing.  Add a “take action” business description, connect your website and add your social media accounts.
    • Submit your business accomplishments in a press release to Mallory at chamber@macc.org.
    • Host a ribbon cutting. Ribbon cuttings are held for newly opened business, large expansion or major remodel, moved to a new location, under new ownership and commemorative/milestone anniversaries (10, 25, 50 years). 
    • Attend member ribbon cuttings and make connections while learning about the community.
    • Post job openings in for your company.
    • Refer three new members to the Chamber in one year and receive a free enhanced listing.
    • Volunteer for the Chamber to help better the community through Partnerships for Education and Midland Blooms.

    New Member Benefits and Business Promotions

    New members to the Chamber receive all the FREE business promotions listed above that are available to all members plus:

    • Business appears as a new member on our website for the first 45 days of membership.
    • New member recognition on Facebook via the Midland Area Chamber’s accounts.
    • New member recognition in our weekly E-Newsletter.
    • Announced as a new member and receive two complimentary passes to attend our most popular event, WakeUp! Midland. Each month an average of 300 + community leaders attend WakeUp! Midland to find out what is going on in the business community.

    Additional New Member Help –

    You will not feel lost on how to maximize your success as a member!

    • Chamber Ambassador will mentor you through your first six months of membership and introduce you to others at events.
    • You’ll receive special new member emails reminding you to take advantage of benefits so you don’t miss out.
    • Personal meeting with the Director of Membership to answer your questions, learn how to use your online account and take the guesswork out of your chamber membership so your business can maximize success based on your individual needs. 
    • Use new member offers from other members to help save you money.

    "Because we are a heart-to-heart non-profit, the Chamber is a perfect fit!  As a new member, we were overwhelmed with all the opportunities the Chamber offered to network and get our name “out there.” However, with the expert help of the Chamber staff, we were able to target activities which helped us forge strong personal relationships. Referrals are our lifeblood, and they come from people who know us, trust us, and introduce us to others."

    - Carol Sweebe, Ministries of Hope (989) 832-5372

    Non-Profit Membership Benefits

    Non-Profit members receive all the FREE business promotions available to all members and if they are a first time member to the Chamber, they will receive the new member benefits and business promotions listed above and enjoy the following non-profit benefits:

    • The membership investment for non-profits is our lowest investment amount of $250. All employees and board members can attend events.
    • Non-profits can purchase our mailing list for only $25 instead of $100 when doing fundraisers. This provides you with the mailing addresses of our almost 1,000 members.
    • WakeUp! Midland offers a special rate of $100 for non-profit sponsors to showcase their offering.
    • Plus, the Non-Profit category has been the number one searched category at www.macc.org out of 500 different business categories since 2012. You want to be listed where people are searching!

    "Becoming involved with the Chamber by joining a sales lead group and by attending events/programs has opened numerous doors for our church, which has allowed us to become more involved in meeting the needs of the Midland community and to create a positive presence in Midland. Businesses and people in Midland now know that they can count on Midland Nazarene to do its part to make Midland a more caring and fun community."

    - Dave Anderson, Lead Pastor, Midland Nazarene (989) 631-4620

    "As a small nonprofit organization, I was in need of a way to introduce The Diaper Alliance to the Midland community. With so many networking opportunities, meeting people became much less of a challenge. I am thankful to our Chamber for many new relationships built and growing because of their events."

    - Debi Keyes, The Diaper Alliance (989) 859-2186

    Small Business Membership Benefits

    Small business members (25 or less full time employees) receive all the FREE business promotions available to all members and if they are a first time member to the Chamber, they will receive the new member benefits and business promotions and enjoy the following small business benefits:

    • Small Business Breakfasts – Since the small business owners have limited resources and time to hire staff to do their marketing, sales, accounting, social media, etc., the Chamber provides a quarterly Small Business Breakfast. The topics are relevant to small business and owners and employees are welcome to attend. Click here for upcoming events.
    • Sales Lead Roundtables - Participation with a Sales Lead Roundtable is a great way to network with a group of business people committed to helping you grow your business. With a sales lead group on Tuesday and Thursday, the Sales Lead Roundtables are at an all time high for participation!
    • US Chamber Small Business Tools - When you join the Midland Chamber, you are automatically a member of the US Chamber as a federation partner and have access to several toolkits, small business resources, and you’ll receive savings at Sam’s Club and FedEx. 
    • Legislative Voice – As a small business owner, you might not have time to follow legislative issues or know where to turn when your business needs assistance. The Midland Area Chamber is actively engaged in legislative matters on a national, state, regional and local basis. As our Program of Work states, our goal is to strengthen the Chamber's role as the non-partisan "voice of business" in matters of legislative affairs and public policy that impact the organization's membership.
    • Affordable sponsorship opportunities to reach your target market.

    "Being a small independently owned real estate office in the Midland area, the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce allows us the opportunity to expand our presences in the Midland area and be able to compete with the big national chain offices. It allows us a chance to meet with many people at a very low cost point."
    - Deborah Cain, MID-LAND REALTORS (989) 839-9655

    "Becoming involved with the Chamber by attending events and participating in programs has opened several doors for my business in a short amount of time. Being able to grow my business by meeting other business professionals in the same location is important to me as a sole proprietor with limited manpower resources."
    - Steve Puvalowski, Tri-City Motor Speedway (989) 316-6804

    Large Business & Corporations Membership Benefits

    Large businesses and corporations receive all the FREE business promotions available to all members and if they are a first time member to the Chamber, they will receive the new member benefits and business promotions and enjoy the following business benefits:

    • Being a member demonstrates the commitment of large companies to the well being of the Midland community through civic projects such as Midland Blooms and the Reality Store.
    • The Chamber gives your employees opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills that make them more valuable to your company.
    • Access to regional opportunities and contacts.
    • Effective advocacy representation.
    • Access to resource data such as demographic and economic reports.
    • Informational programs to create greater awareness of community news, business trends, etc.

     "Becoming involved with the Midland Chamber has provided us with numerous networking opportunities as well as professional leadership development. It has helped us build our business while promoting developments of keen interest to local businesses and the community at large.  It also has offered us numerous benefits and keeps us on top of important, ever-changing issues and trends within our community."

    - Three Rivers Corporation 

        "When we joined MACC, we thought about it almost as a donation to support the business community. What we found was that the Chamber gives much more to us than expected with opportunities to meet other business leaders, to give back to the community through well-organized civic projects, and to develop our employees’ leadership skills. Now we think of our ‘donation’ as an investment with one of the highest returns."

    - Jean Cronin, Cabot Corporation (989) 495-2101