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EvRo Media Solution Announces Revolutionary Marketing Solution

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March 08, 2019
EvRo Media Solution Announces Revolutionary Marketing Solution 

Friday, March 8th 2019

After six months in development EvRo Media Solutions of Auburn, MI has officially released its new, revolutionary marketing solution called A.V.E. (Audience Value Extraction).  A truly unique offering in the marketplace allows you to start meaningful conversations and interactions with your audience which has not been possible in the past.  This is accomplished through a proprietary method of combining data and browser usage along with advances in email marketing and landing page optimization.  
Complete details on how the program works are not available publicly as this is such a unique program.  Companies who are intersted in learning more can contact EvRo Media Solutions and a non-disclosure agreement must be signed prior to discussing the details.  
"Our goal with this solution is to allow businesses to grow their business by leveraging all the noise in the marketplace with advertisements instead of trying to cut through the noise" said Marc Morris, CEO and Chief Robinhood - EvRo Media Solutions.  "It is really a revolution in how companies can grow their business quickly without the massive expense of breaking through the noise of 5,000 ads an adult is exposed to per day" added Morris. 

About EvRo Media Solutions: 
EvRo Media Solutions is a full service media and advertising company located in Auburn, MI that leverages a virtual work force to keep overhead low and provide tremendous value to their clients in the form of lower pricing.  EvRo Media Solutions considers themselves the Marketing Robinhoods as they are true advocates for small to medium sized businesses, making advertising and marketing affordable and providing real, measurable results that contribute to the bottom line.  

For more information:
Marc Morris
Ph: 989-225-8907

March 3, 2019 
Marc Morris, CEO
(989) 225-8907