Center City Initiative


Our Mission
To provide an environment for success that leads to sustainable economic growth in the Center City Area.

Our Vision
Midland Center City: A destination of choice with endless possibilities. Explore, Shop, Eat. 

For more detailed information on the goals of the Center City Authority please review the Center City Development Plan here.

Center City Strategic Plan
This plan is a comprehensive five year guide for the Center City Authority to follow and is based on the input of district businesses, residents and property owners. There are three active subcommittees working on the 2012 goals and objectives defined in the Center City Strategic plan.

Center City Authority Committees
The Governance and Sustainability Committee is primarily responsible for supporting the needs of the Authority, more of an internal focus. This committee oversees the development and maintenance of the data used by other committees. This committee acts as a liaison to other Corridor Improvement Authorities around the state. This committee is also responsible for continuing board development. Also, the committee’s main focus is on securing sustainable funding to support the Center City Authority. They will develop an operational budget for the Authority and each committee, seek out grant opportunities and review tax district mechanisms. In addition, they will continue to strengthen cooperation with other Midland entities such as the Chamber of Commerce, Circle Business Association, Downtown Development Authority, and the Midland Downtown Business Association.
Chair: Clint Struthers

The Marketing Committee is primarily responsible for promoting Center City businesses and the Center City Authority. This group will organize district events, coordinate advertising opportunities, welcome new businesses to the district, network with business owners/managers and update the Organizational Development committee with current vacancy data.
Chair: Julia Jodoin

The Physical Improvement Committee is primarily responsible for supporting and developing the infrastructure needs of the Center City Authority, including its roads, signage, and trees for example. The committee works with the City of Midland to find and prioritize needs in these areas, as well has help in the implementation of these projects.
Chair: Ann Beck

In a unanimous vote on Monday, May 12, 2008, the Midland City Council approved the creation of the Corridor Improvement Authority for the Center City commercial district which includes S. Saginaw Rd. from Manor St. just north of Ashman Circle south to Patrick Rd. and Washington St. from Cambridge south to Patrick. The council agreed there was tremendous support for this based on the results of the property owner petition drive in which approximately 75% indicated their support. Many council members also received phone calls and letters from their constituents, business owners and other interested citizens in support of the creation of the Authority. The City of Midland appointed members to the board in August 2008. The currrent members include Jerry Deming – Owner of Ponderosa, Dave Ginis – Owner of Ginis Goldsmiths, Joe Kozuch – Owner of Village Green, Cliff Miles – Former City Manager and currently with Midland Tomorrow, Clint Struthers – Owner of Struthers Financial Services, Jon Lynch – City Manager, and Christine Rapanos - Owner of Rapanos Enterprises.

Current Map of the Center City Authority Area