• Testimonials

  • Don't take it from us, hear what our members have to say about their Midland Area Chamber membership and how it is impacting their business. If you would like to hear more, go ahead and give them a call. They will love to share more.  

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    Business Opportunities 
    "Chamber events are one of the primary ways that we generate new business opportunities and communicate news about Loons baseball to the business community.  It is the only way we can reach so many business leaders in a short amount of time."
         - Paul Barbeau, President & General Manager, Great Lakes Loons, (989) 837-6121

    "When we joined MACC, we thought about it almost as a donation to support the business community.  What we found was that the Chamber gives much more to us than expected with opportunities to meet other business leaders, to give back to the community through well-organized civic projects, and to develop our employees’ leadership skills.  Now we think of our ‘donation’ as an investment with one of the highest returns."
         - Jean Cronin, Cabot Corporation (989) 495-2101

    "Eastman Party Store has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce for over 30 years now. The previous owner, and myself, believe a strong Chamber provides for a better business community. Through the programs and services provided by the Chamber, businesses will be more informed and competitive."
         - Gar Winslow, Eastman Party Store, (989) 835-7991

    "Choice Office Products needed to get our name out in the community when our store opened in 2003. We joined the Midland Area Chamber and immediately started to get involved which gave us the opportunity to grow. Attending monthly events allows us to meet other business professionals and maintain relationships."
         - Norma Matthew, Choice Office Products, (989) 714-2537

    "Our company joined the Chamber to obtain further exposure to local businesses. Upon joining we noticed an immediate increase in website traffic. Skeptical at first, we dug in further and found that the traffic was directly related to the Chamber listing. Needless to say, we are very happy with our decision to join the Chamber and look forward to many more years of membership."
         - Hal Grunwell, Quick Reliable Printing, (989) 496-2955

    Events and Programs
    "I enjoy being part of the Chamber as I meet a lot of wonderful people from our community that I may not have met otherwise. The Midland Area Chamber really supports local businesses. I attend many seminars and programs to learn about new business opportunities and laws that may affect my clients which helps me to better serve them." 
         - Melissa Grzegorczyk, Ieuter Insurance Group, (989) 835-6701

    "Thank you for organizing the Ask the Experts Small Business breakfast. It was very helpful to me, as I talked to almost all of the experts. I spoke with a tax advisor at this session about a state tax form that I suspected was incorrect. She confirmed that the form had a printing error, and I corrected the calculation, saving almost $3,000. Thank you again for all you do for the small businesses!"
         - Carol Arnosky, Retired Business Owner, (989) 835-5577

    "Cartridge World joined the Midland Chamber at the same time we opened our Midland location in February 2005. Being a member of the Chamber's Thursday morning sales lead group has been a great way to network and promote our business. At the Chamber sales lead group we are part of a "trusted" group of business professionals, always ready to promote each other’s business and talents." 
         - Ted Eastling, Cartridge World, (989) 631-0716

    "The Midland Chamber of Commerce has enabled me to stay on top of legislative issues and has provided many opportunities to network/share thoughts and ideas. Their varied programs and resources are second to none. The Midland Chamber staff is ready, willing, and able to help at a moment’s notice. My involvement in the Midland Chamber has proven to be invaluable." 
         - Steve LaLonde, LaLonde Foods, (989) 636-7794

    Midland Young Professionals (MYPros)
    "Of all the networking groups that I have belonged to over the years, I believe MYPro’s has been the most beneficial to me on a professional and personal basis.  Back when I joined the group, it was all about having fun and getting to know people your own age.  Fast forward seven years and now it is about business and friendships.  The young professionals that I joined with are now key employees in their company, managers, and even owners, and those very same individuals have become friends." 
         - John Haag, Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants, (989) 631-6060

    "MYPro’s has allowed me to capitalize on opportunities to leverage in person networking in a natural and comfortable atmosphere! It’s not always about who you know, but “who knows you” in the competitive business world. MYPro’s has opened the door to several exciting, informative and inspirational gatherings that have always presented a great networking opportunity!"  
         - Chris Yurgaites, Commercial Lender, Chemical Bank, (989) 839-5236

    "I lived in Midland for three years and the only young professionals I knew worked for Dow Chemical and Dow Corning, until I got involved with MYPros.  In a short time, through their speaker luncheons and social events, I learned how many YP’s there really are in the area, as well how many unique things there are to do in Midland.  From the family fun event at the City Forest to learning about the development of the East End, I have gotten immersed in my community….thanks to MYPros!"
         - Ross Ricelli, Dow Corning Corporation, (989) 496-4040

    "As a small nonprofit organization, I was in need of a way to introduce The Diaper Alliance to the Midland community. With so many networking opportunities, meeting people became much less of a challenge. I am thankful to our Chamber for many new relationships built and growing because of their events."
         - Debi Keyes, The Diaper Alliance, 989.859.2186 

    "Becoming involved with the Chamber by joining a sales lead group and by attending events/programs has opened numerous doors for our church, which has allowed us to become more involved in meeting the needs of the Midland community and to create a positive presence in Midland. Businesses and people in Midland now know that they can count on Midland Nazarene to do its part to make Midland a more caring and fun community."
         - Dave Anderson, Lead Pastor, Midland Nazarene, (989) 631-4620

    "Building relationships through the Chamber has created a greater awareness of our non-profit in the community.  Through special interest groups, networking, and training opportunities, we have received a steady flow of rock solid referrals.   Referrals are our lifeblood, and they come from people who know us, trust us, and introduce us to others."  
         - Carol Sweebe, Ministries of Hope, (989) 832-5372

    "Midland Center for the Art chooses to participate as a non-profit table sponsors multiple times throughout the WakeUp Midland season because it pays off! We are able to get increase awareness of our multiple events and performances to 350 business professionals at an extremely reasonable cost. I like how the non-profit sponsorship includes having an expo style booth, a flyer in the folder, and the opportunity to use an “It’s Your Dollar” to promote a specific event to a captive audience. Because we feel that we gain so much heightened awareness of our events when promoting with the Chamber, we plan for what we spend with them annual, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future." 
         - Kristen Wuerfel, Director of Marketing at Midland Center for the Arts, (989) 631-5930 x1274

    Small Business
    "Being a small independently owned real estate office in the Midland area, the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce allows us the opportunity to expand our presences in the Midland area and be able to compete with the big national chain offices. It allows us a chance to meet with many people at a very low cost point."
         - Deborah Cain, MID-LAND REALTORS, (989) 839-9655

    "Becoming involved with the Chamber by attending events and participating in programs has opened several doors for my business in a short amount of time. Being able to grow my business by meeting other business professionals in the same location is important to me as a sole proprietor with limited manpower resources."  
         - Steve Puvalowski, Tri-City Motor Speedway, (989) 316-6804

    "People do business with those they know, like and trust! This is why Domino’s Pizza attends and sponsors WakeUp! Midland. It allows us to be visible in the business community, build relationships and catch up with our friends. When someone thinks of Domino’s, they think of Chris and Elaine. We are not just franchise owners; we are local people with families and we are a part of this awesome community and want to help it grow. We appreciate the support we receive from the Chamber and other members and the opportunities it offers small business owners." 
         - Elaine Schloemann, Vice President of Marketing, Domino's Pizza, (989) 859-1783

    "Bring a small business with little advertising dollars to spend; finding affordable and affective advertising is not easy and that is why Midland Sabourin’s Pharmacy is very involved with the Midland Area Chamber. I have found sponsoring WakeUp! Midland and the annual Golf Outing, helps keep my pharmacy in the public eye. My two favorite sponsorships are coffee server and table sponsor at WakeUp! Midland and hole sponsor at the golf outing."
         - Cindy Adamowski,Owner, Midland Sabourin’s Pharmacy, (989) 839-2402

    Sponsorship Opportunities
    "Our Midland Area Chamber membership is a bargain for our marketing dollar.  With a wide variety of programs, information, and resources, we have endless opportunities to connect with the business community and potential clients. When we are growing, expanding, or simply doing something new, the Chamber team always seems to be a part of it.   Even when times were tough a few years ago, we never considered dropping our membership – that’s when we needed it the most!  The more involved we are, the more opportunities we find in our Chamber membership."
         - Wendy Kanar, Poznak Dyer Kanar Garchow PLC, (989) 832-1770

    "We use the Midland Area Chamber for marketing because we know that we are getting the best bang for our buck that we possibly can. The Chamber reaches out to many businesses that our other advertisers do not reach. We have worked with many customers that say they heard about us through the Midland Area Chamber."
         - Jerry Whittington, Valley Electrical Contractors, 989-835-2154

    "ABC does a Program Sponsorship each year in the spring. This works as a two-fold benefit for our organization. We are able to bring branding recognition and awareness to our company and what we do as well as use that opportunity to share our ABC Cares campaign. This campaign is done through our largest fundraiser of the year that raises money for the Make-A-Wish of Michigan Foundation. Using our Midland Chamber membership to grow our business and support our community involvement efforts is a win-win for everyone!"
         - Jimmy Greene, Assoc. Bldrs. & Cont., Inc.-Greater Michigan Chapter, (989) 832-8879